About Us

Top Pair Consulting Inc. is your Ace in the Hole when it comes to Safety and Quality Compliance Solutions. Our team of consultants come from a diverse background in oilfield, construction, warehousing, distribution and manufacturing. Whether developing a program from the ground up or fine tuning an existing program or mentoring your current staff, our Safety and Quality professionals will guide you through the process to ensure your company's continued success. 

Vision: To be the first choice for safety and quality solutions, with a reputation for making good businesses better.

Mission: Our mission is to help transform businesses by creating a safe environment where employees feel valued and empowered to help drive continuous improvements towards their own company’s vision and mission.


Our Safety Consultants are fluent in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and local jurisdictional standards such as ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association), Enform, and MHSA (Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association). Allow our team to help you achieve and maintain your COR (Certificate of Recognition), so that you can obtain and maintain your contracts with Major Corporation players and take advantage of the financial benefits of maintaining a zero incident culture.

With over 20 years of experience directly related  in the field of Occupational Health & Safety to the oil and gas industry in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan, our safety consultants have achieved a zero injury rate. We provide solid safety leadership to various industries, including: transportation, camps and catering, drilling rigs, manufacturing, construction, scaffolding and more. We believe safety transcends industry boundaries and is people based. With the right guidance and a solid culture that starts from the top down, any company, in any industry can achieve safety excellence and at the same time realize the financial benefits of a zero incident culture.

If you need to verify your program meets the needs of your clients, employees, or industry, or have one built from scratch, or mentor a new up-and-coming safety person in your organization, our proven track record of results and being an agent of change will help pave the road to a solid safety culture.


Our Quality Consultants are specialists in ISO 9001, not just as a compliance standard, but in helping you use it as a Management Tool. We can help you define your Core Objectives and develop the Key Performance Indicators that drive you towards your goals. Fulfilling these goals allows us to help build a culture where Continuous Improvement Initiatives are encouraged at all levels of your business, where all employees are empowered to drive towards higher revenue and higher efficiency.

With over eighteen years of experience in distribution, warehousing, customer service and manufacturing in the Oil and Gas, Construction, Pulp and Paper and Biopharm industries, our well-rounded  business process experience and results oriented nature means you will have a wide breadth of knowledge at your disposal to steer you towards maximum efficiency while remaining customer-centric.

As experienced Business Analysts and Project Managers, we will ensure that your requirements are clearly defined and that Key Performance Metrics are established to keep you and your associates working towards their goals, whether specifically related to ISO 9001, or in relation to any of your business objectives. We have a proven track record with ISO Implementations and have facilitated numerous process improvements, such as Warehousing Bin Location initiatives, Streamlined Workflow diagrams, New Employee Onboarding, Training and Competency records, Continuous Improvement databases, Key Performance Metrics, Nonconformance Databases and Reports, Document Control systems and Customer Satisfaction Collection systems.

Whether you are looking to implement a new ISO 9001 quality management system, or move your existing system to a high-performance management tool, our proven facilitation skills will guide your company through the complexities of the ISO standard to achieve business excellence.

Contact us today for all your Safety and Quality Solutions.